Window tinting reduces annual energy costs

“Little drops of water makes a mighty Ocean” this age old saying is apt, when a little saving on your energy usage on a daily basis would accumulate to a substantial amount at the end of the year. The world spends billions to bring the much needed electricity into our homes and we could do a little to save some of it for future generations.

Our homes, offices and cars use up, quite a substantial amount of energy and if each person could save a minute bit it will go a long way in saving millions to the country and the world during the course of a year.

In our homes, offices and cars we need to use the air-conditioners during the summer, and this is quite a drain on the usage of energy. Whilst the Sun blazes down on us giving us and all other living beings on this planet the energy we need to live, it also brings with it misery in the form of Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation.

UV exposure could cause many forms of cancer, especially of the skin, and protecting ourselves from the Sun’s deadly radiation should be our prerogative.

Jim’s Home window tinting Perth could help you in a two pronged action by safeguarding your health as well as by reducing energy costs. How can we do that?

Our technologically advanced solar window tinting film when applied on glass windows cuts the Sun’s harmful UV radiation by 99%, heat by 80% and glare by 93%.

Our homes with large glass windows can be harmful to the health of our children. With solar window film cutting down the most important three things that the Sun is infamous for could give us a comfortable indoor.

With the reduction in the temperature indoors the air-conditioners would perform better and save energy, and in return money.

In our offices too Jim’s Office window tinting Perth has the answer, by cutting down on heat and glare the efficiency of the air-conditioning unit will improve and there will be a direct impact on the efficiency of the air-conditioners.

Similarly Jim’s Car window tinting Perth could help you reduce energy cost in your car by using specialized solar window film. The effect is the same with a comparative reduction in the temperature inside the car.



Driveways make first impressions

Your driveway gives the first impression to visitors who choose to visit you. A damaged driveway will not speak well of your living standards, and would also be a black mark on you. Finding the right professionals for your Driveway repair is advisable because it is a specialized undertaking.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry would not have the expertise to complete Driveway resurfacing to the required local council standards and you may end up with additional costs being incurred by trying be “cents wise and dollar foolish”.

Asphalt resurfacing too needs professional hands and the appropriate machinery has to be used to finish the work to accepted standards. Using defective machinery could produce undesirable results when work is completed. Hence it is imperative that you commission professionals to undertake specialized work like this.

Jim’s Paving is the leader in all aspects of Paving and have been undertaking all types of resurfacing, Paving and Concrete resurfacing work for more that fifteen years and have done so to the highest standards. We are a subsidiary of the well known Australian Home services provider Jim’s with more than 3,400 franchises spread all over the country.

Jim’s has now expanded operations into New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the UK and operate successfully. We are the largest mowing franchise in the world, and still growing.

Faded and dull concrete surfaces can be rejuvenated with our latest technological advancement in Spray on concrete, which whilst bringing beauty to the surrounding areas would also reduce the ambient temperature by reflecting heat.

Spray paving is ideal for areas where you would gain an advantage with ambient temperature reduction especially around outdoor air-conditioning units. With a noticeable reduction in ambient temperature air-conditioning units would increase efficiency, which would reciprocate energy cost savings.

With children in your household it is advisable to keep all areas around your home free from water and other liquids. Slippery floors can be dangerous, and having Permeable paving could protect them. With many materials to choose from a Permeable paving is possible at very competitive prices.

Jim’s is home to many designers and garden planners who have brought forth some stunning Landscaping ideas for our discerning customers and have won many accolades for their work. We would be happy to provide their services and bring out that specialness in your compound.